the rothschild 71 boutique hotel

Welcome to your personal heaven in the heart of the ‘non-stop city’
Located at 71 Rothschild Boulevard, the rothschild 71 is all about comfort, intimacy and class for both a business trip and an urban vacation alike.  Conveniently situated in the center of Tel Aviv’s cultural and financial quarter, located on the famous Rothschild boulevard, in a carefully renovated ‘International Style’  house built in 1934, the rothschild 71 offers 25  suites, setting a local standard for luxurious short- and long-term accommodation.
the rothschild 71, is waiting there for you, at the heart of the city with its round-the-clock attractions, while inside you can comfortably enjoy an indulging and attentive service.

The Krieger House Family History

the rothschild 71 hotel’s building was one of the first doctor’s clinics in Tel Aviv.
The Bauhaus building which was built in 1934 still belong to the Kreiger family who built it.

Dr. Moshe Krieger 1885-1975
Physician, pioneer and humanist. Born in Lithuania, studied in the Telz Yeshiva (rabbinical college) and in Universities in Berlin, Giessen, Nancy and Paris, where he served as chairman of the Zionist Student Organization. Immigrated to Palestine in 1912, volunteered for the Ottoman army and served in Constantinopole during the Balkan Wars. After the war he served as the Colony (Moshava) Doctor in Zikhron Yaakov and Hadera. At the First World War Dr. Krieger was recruited again as Yüzbaşı‬ (Captain), a medical officer in the Ottoman army and served in the Sinai Desert front, in Palestine and in Lebanon. During the war he treated patients in Kfar-Saba and in Damascus, among the jews who were expelled from Palestine. During 1920-1926 Dr. Krieger served as physician and Director of the Hadassah Hospital in Safed and was the Chairman of the Jewish Community there. In 1923 he participated in the 13th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia. Dr. Krieger settled in Tel-Aviv in 1927 as a private doctor. In 1929 he married Dr. Fanni Chlenov and later they had their two children Nira and Yechiel. 1934 saw the foundation of the Krieger House on 71 Rothschild Boulevard, which also housed Dr. Krieger’s clinic. Among his patients were the writers Hayim Nahman Bialik, Rachel the poetess, Uri-Zvi Grinberg, Anda Pinkerfeld, The Hazon Ish, Rabbi Yizhak Yedidia Frenkel, Actors Hanna Rovina, Menahem Gnessin, Shimon Finkel, Aharon Meskin, Minister Bechor-Shalom Shitrit, painters Moshe Castel and Lea Nikel. Dr. Krieger was active in public affairs as the Chairman of the Jewish Medical Association of Palestine, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Anti-Tuberculosis League in Israel, member of the committee for the foundation of Tel-Aviv’s first Museum of Art and Chairman of the Friends of Habima Theatre, working towards the opening of the national theatre’s house.

Dr. Fanny Chlenov-Krieger 1898-1977
Pediatrician and Chairwoman of the Organization of Women
Physicians in Israel.
Born in Moscow, daughter of Zionist leader and physician Dr. Yechiel Chlenov. Trained in Medicine in Königsberg and Berlin and immigrated to Palestine in 1924. Worked in the Youth Village ‘Meir Shfeya’ and in the Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem and Safed, where she met Dr. Moshe Krieger. They married in 1929 and had their children Nira and Yechiel. In the 1930s Dr. Chlenov-Krieger established together with Dr. Shapira a sanatorium for children in Tel-Aviv, bearing the name ‘Lataf’. During the Second World War she volunteered for the British Army, acting as Captain. Dr. Chlenov-Krieger worked for years in clinics and healed patients until her last day.